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About Yi Therapy

Yi Therapy has been helping many people suffering from pain in Downtown Toronto. We take pride in working to make your life better by providing an experience that you’ll not find anywhere else. What’s special about our treatment methods that make about everyone leaving our clinic happy? Use our specialized “Yi technique” that combines the Traditional Chinese Acupressure / Tuina Massage with the Manual Osteopathy. For over 3 years, people love the relief they get after their treatments and continued to come back for more.

Traditional & Alternative

Our Services

Yi Technique

Combination of Acupressure and Osteopathy takes care of pain nicely!


Traditional Chinese treatment method based on energy meridians.


AKA Tuina Massage. Works on clearing the blocked chnnaels.


Traditionally used to release deep tissue muscular tensions.

Light Therapy

AKA Laser Acupuncture. Instead of needles, low density laser is used.


Works on muscles and connective tissues to relieve tensions.

What are the…

Conditions We Treat

Acute Pain

Sudden shocking pain felt on your body.

Chronic Pain

Suffering from consistent pain for a long time?


Stubborn pain in your head just doesn’t go away?

Back Pain

If you use your computer with bad posture, you’ll definitely feel it!


Random pain just spontaneously appeared?


Shooting pain coming down from your back to the knees?

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Jason Tarter
Jason Tarter
Dispensary Tree
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Simon is full of knowledge on building a website and getting traffic to it. He has amazing website templates, specifically now for health care practitioners, and he makes setting up your clinic website simple and easy.
Yiling Chua
Yiling Chua
Divine Acu
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Simon is great. He guide me through starting a website. He is very passionate and always reach out to make sure everything is going well. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know where to start on making a site.

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