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What Conditions does Yi Therapy Treat

Pain Relief has always been our focus since we’ve established this clinic. However, we’re able to treat more than just pain for your back, neck and shoulders.

What are the…

Conditions We Treat

Acute Pain

Did you feel a sudden shocking pain on your body? It could be pinching, burning, or aching. Regardless of which kind of pain, let us help you!

Chronic Pain

Pain has been lingering on for more than a month? Constantly waking up with nagging pain on your neck, shoulders, and back? Time to check it up!


Whether you’re getting pain in the head from being overly stressed or from the weather changes, you’ll want to get rid of it asap.

Back Pain

Modern society has made our lives much easier but has made our postures worse everyday. Daily usages of mobile devices and computers are often the main reasons for back pain.


Feeling pain all over your body and tired randomly? Chances are that you might be suffering from fibromyalgia! Take care of it before it spreads further.


Getting a shooting and sharp pain from your lower back through the glutes, and down to the legs? You might be compressing the sciatic nerve. Try to stretch more and relax.

Traditional & Alternative

Our Services

Yi Technique

Combination of Acupressure and Osteopathy takes care of pain nicely!


Traditional Chinese treatment method based on energy meridians.


AKA Tuina Massage. Works on clearing the blocked chnnaels.


Traditionally used to release deep tissue muscular tensions.

Light Therapy

AKA Laser Acupuncture. Instead of needles, low density laser is used.


Works on muscles and connective tissues to relieve tensions.