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What Services does Yi Therapy Offer

Since we’re a Traditional and Alternative Medical Pain Relief Clinic, we’re focused on providing treatment methods coming directly from them.

Yi Therapy’s Unique Service Types

Before you come into the clinic, you’ll see from our website that we offer mainly 3 types of treatment methods: Acupuncture, Osteopathy, and Acupressure (Tuina).


By inserting thin, sterile needles (finer than the diameter of a strand of hair) into specific points on our body based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the disruptions of energy, Qi, will be regulated.

According to the recent researches, Acupuncture seems to improve overall body functions and self-healing processes through the stimulation of the nerves.

Either way, it can be used to address pain problems as well as other internal conditions.

A patient-centered approach that treats patient as a whole rather than individual problems. As a branch of medical sciences, osteopathy focuses on awakening body’s self-regulating functions to address specific issues.

We can manually promote the flow of body’s fluids, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems, by manipulating the muscles, bones, joints, and myofascial tissues.



A method to turn on the switch of body’s self-regulating mechanism by applying pressure to specific points of the meridians.

The practitioner will use his/her hands, palms, elbows and other devices to move through the acupuncture channels.

The end result is the free flow of qi in your body.

Yi Therapy’s Additional Service Types

Sometimes, a supplementary technique will be used on top of the previous three treatments


Remember those round marks on Michael Phelps’ arms during the Olympics? Those are cupping marks caused by suction and negative pressure. This alternative therapy can help relax muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate blood pressure.

Most of the time, cupping is used to relieve back and neck pain, stiff muscles, headaches, migraines, anxiety, fatigue, and even cellulites.

Using a low-level non-invasive laser to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate quick tissue recovery. When used together with Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Points, a similar reaction like free flowing of Qi energy throughout the meridians is achieved.

This is great for people who are afraid of acupuncture needles.

Laser Therapy

With our Traditional & Alternative treatments, we’re able to treat these conditions, but not limited to:

There are several conditions we treat here

Acute Pain

Sudden shocking pain felt on your body.

Chronic Pain

Suffering from consistent pain for a long time?


Stubborn pain in your head just doesn’t go away?

Back Pain

If you use your computer with bad posture, you’ll definitely feel it!


Random pain just spontaneously appeared?


Shooting pain coming down from your back to the knees?

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