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Here Is What

You Might Be Suffering

Chronic Headache

Whether you’re getting pain in the head from being overly stressed or from the weather changes, you’ll want to get rid of it asap.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Pain has been lingering on for more than a month? Constantly waking up with nagging pain on your neck, shoulders, and back? Time to check it up!

Back Pain

Back Pain

Modern society has made our lives much easier but has made our postures worse everyday. Daily usages of mobile devices and computers are often the main reasons for back pain.



Getting a shooting and sharp pain from your lower back through the glutes, and down to the legs? You might be compressing the sciatic nerve. Try to stretch more and relax.

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Had an absolutely wonderful experience with Simon! He was attentive and made sure to figure out my needs first, and then throughout the treatment continually checked the pressure and pain levels. He gave an ample amount of advice on how to treat my specific pain points. Highly recommended!
Becky Romanovsky
Yi Therapy was a pleasant surprise for us in Toronto, since we discovered it somewhat randomly on Groupon and it turned out to be pretty great (unlike other random experiences).
Daniel Maciel
I had a great experience at this place. The clinic is nice and clean. Simon is very knowledgeable and a good listener. He really took the time to understand my ailment before proceeding to the treatment. He knows the acupoints very well. At the end, I was 5-10% better (very bad shoulder pain). His techniques are very gentle so the effects aren't long-lasting (it's good for mild to moderate pain). He also gave me many tips and tricks to lessen muscle pain. I really appreciate that. Thanks Simon 🙂
Shelly Gong

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